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Tue, Apr 16 2024

This year, the Western Region hosted by showcasing the different traditions of different tribes. Here's a summary of the highlights:


Representatives from Various Tribes: Tooro, Bunyoro, Bakiga, and Banyankole tribes participated in the cultural day, showcasing their unique customs and practices.


Learning Different Greetings: Attendees had the opportunity to learn greetings from each of the represented tribes, discovering the cultural significance behind greetings based on the hour of the day.


Magic Words from Batooro: The Batooro tribe shared three important words, possibly key phrases or expressions that hold special significance in their culture. For example please - "caali", sorry - "nganyira, thank you - "webale" and thank you so much - "webale muno".


Staple Food Preparation: Pupils learnt about the traditional preparation of staple foods from different tribes. For example, the Batooro staple food "firinda" consists of peeled beans and ghee and "oburo" that is millet, while the Banyankole staple food "Karo and eshabwe" . Eshabwe is made of ghee, rock salt, and salt.


Staple Food Tasting: Participants had the chance to taste staple foods from various tribes, such as eshabwe from the Banynakole tribe. The excitement among the pupils, who thought eshabwe was ice cream, highlights the joy and curiosity in experiencing new flavors and textures.


Demonstrations and Performances: The Bakiga tribe showcased their energetic dance moves, captivating the audience with their lively performance.


Overall, the cultural day provided a platform for cultural exchange, learning, relearning, unlearning and appreciation of the rich heritage and traditions of the Western Region's diverse tribes.