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Fri, Mar 8 2024

As they say behind every great man, there is a great woman. But today we are going to talk about that great woman who is my mother.

She wakes up every morning to prepare me for school. She has debts and it’s all because e of me to have a better future. Early in the morning, she raised praying for me and also worried about what I would eat. She sweats all day. She gets insulted, gets tired but all in all, she does it for me.

She told me “My daughter work hard you never know you might change our life.” 

She comes back late at night it’s all because of me.

Maama I value you a lot. Thank you

Cynthia Nabisere

The woman I treasure the most is my mother. My mother is my earthly God, why I say so; she gave me hope and smiled at me in moments of trouble, she sacrificed for me and stayed at my side at all moments even when I made her upset, she never stopped planning for me the best and paying my school fees and protected, prayed and forgave me for all the bad things I did to her when I made her cry. She is my inspiration to do well and become a good person in the future. 

I advise women all over the world to be like earthly God to their children.

Happy Women’s Day 

Evans Lutwakome

The woman I treasure the most is the Late Cecilia Ogwal.

She was a woman who educated children and promoted people’s rights.

Ceelia Ogwal dedicated her life to serving the people of Uganda. She was trustworthy worked with everyone and had unforgettable love for everyone. She was also open-hearted in parliament.

Her life inspires me to be brave and trustworthy. It also inspires me to speak openly to people.

I wish all women a happy women’s day.

Precious Mitch 

The woman I treasure the most is Mrs. Edith Tumuheirwe, director of Dade Nursery and Primary School. I got to know her when I joined Dade in 2017 when I started schooling in Primary One.

She is a loving woman who loves me and the rest of the children and parents. She listens to parents and children and handles them as a mother.

She dresses well as a responsible woman and she is a God fearing person with a family in Holy Marriage. She is anointed and has prospered Dade School from Nursery to Primary heading to International Level.

She has built Dade School from lower blocks to a flat level buildings and she is a hardworking lady that arrives at school very early.

Mrs. Edith Tumuheirwe has provided the community with an education service of a school to educate children of the community. 

She has helped the community with works and jobs for people like teaching and teaching staff. She has also provided business to people in the community who supply school materials.

Therefore, the message I give to all women in our country and the world is to have a character, behaviour, understanding maturity, responsibility, hardworking and developmental like a woman I treasure Mrs. Edith Tumuheirwe, Director Dade Nursery and Primary School International.

God bless and reward you and keep you Mrs. Edith Tumuheirwe

Joram Jethro Kirabo

My mother Miriam is the best woman I could wish to have. She is loving, caring, God-fearing, and kind. She has taught me to wash clothes and utensils, she has helped many people to learn.

My message to all women is to be courageous and loving.

May the Lord bless the works of your hands.

Shyne Ieken

The woman I value is Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni. She is so organized and the Minister of Education and Sports.

I wish to be like her because she is such a nice person. 

The message I give women is to never give up and remain God-fearing.

Angello Micheal

The woman I treasure the most is a pilot. It is rare to find one that is a pilot. she makes me feel like I should travel around the world and know more about its specialities.

Now that Women’s Day is today, according to me let them get rest and relax all day long. 

The message I have for women is, do not fully relax.

Lastly, I value women because they multiply numbers and that’s why countries are called Motherlands.

Charlotte Kemigisha

I cherish my mother because she is a very hardworking woman. she is disciplined and knows what she wants. I admire the way she is hardworking and wish other women were like her.

I want to wish all women around the country a Happy Women’s Day!

Ashton Yebale