Published On
Wed, Mar 27 2024

This year our school embraced modern technology to facilitate a fair and transparent election process for pupil leadership positions. This approach not only promotes fairness but also introduces students to important digital tools that are increasingly prevalent in the modern world.


Allowing pupils to vote online using personalized usernames and passwords ensures that each vote is counted accurately and securely. The real-time displaying of voting results added an element of excitement and anticipation to the process, although it can also create tension among the candidates.


The handover ceremony, involved witnesses such as parents, guardians, staff members, and fellow pupils, a wonderful way to formalize the transition of leadership roles. It provided an opportunity for outgoing leaders to pass on their responsibilities and knowledge to the incoming leaders, fostering a sense of continuity and community within the school. The outgoing prefects received certificates in recognition of their dedicated service during their term in office.

The emotions displayed during the ceremony, were tears of both joy and sadness, highlight the significance of these leadership roles to the students involved. It's clear that these positions are not just titles but opportunities for personal growth and impact within the school community.

A Guest Speaker, Mr. Opuly Godwin encouraged pupils that had not gone through not to lose hope and keep standing in the next elections. He shared his experience while in school, he stood as a prefect and he lost and was able to stand again and be a prefect more than twice at every level of education he went through.